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The Just Living Sale 

Welcome to Just Living's first sale to be showcased online as well as in store! 

Please follow the links below to have a browse through specific sale collections. Please note, this website is not a marketplace and items cannot be bought directly on the website. For further information or discuss any item, please reach out to us via

We understand due to the current situation many people have not been able to get our to their second homes as much as they wanted to and are unsure of when return is possible.  

This is why we decided to showcase our annual sale online as well as in store, so all of our valued customers no matter where you are are able to browse.

We have a large basement at the store, and anything bought can either be kept in our basement until convenient or we can deliver the items for free of charge; whichever is easier for you! 

Art/Mirrors and Frames 


Indoor and Outdoor Furniture 

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