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Hammock in Bedroom

Here at Just Living, we focus on providing beautiful yet reliable and long lasting furniture; for inside and outside your wonderful home. Located just outside Kalkan we have a large shop floor full of stunning pieces. Licensed antique collectors, we have a trained eye for spotting one of a kind antique and vintage items!

One of our specialities is creating bespoke items to order, made possible by our iron and carpentry workshops on site. So, as well as browsing our carefully selected and jam packed stock, please feel free to send us images of furniture pieces or ideas you have seen elsewhere; we will almost definitely be able to create it for you!

We have a very active Facebook page that documents new arrivals, previews of works in the making and design ideas for our furniture. Just search for Just Living Kalkan New and follow the most recent page (make sure you are not following the old one as it still seems to be knocking about). 

Our Instagram account @justlivingnew is full of our bespoke projects again, with snippets of the workshop and new plans. 

Opening Times

 Our shop floor is open to customers Monday to Saturday 10am until 5pm in the winter months. Our workshops are busy creating wonderful pieces and orders. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our contact email address has changed, it is now

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