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The Original Doors to Erzurum Castle 

As licensed Antique Collectors, we have always adored history, especially physical history. 

Those that have visited Just Living, know we have always treasured picking the most interesting antique pieces, the pieces with the most wonderful stories woven into them. 

Erzurum is a city in very Eastern Turkey. Known for its staggering surrounding Mountains and production of Oltu stone, it is rich in centuries of history 

Please see below for the story behind the Original Doors to Erzurum castle...  


The Doors in all their glory ...

There before them, were the doors that had stood and protected Erzurum's Castle. 

Tekin was shocked and perplexed as to how this kind gentleman had got his hands on such an incredible piece of Turkey's History. Sensing this, the man explained how they had come into his possession. 

Many years ago, after the doors had been cast aside from the castle, someone had offered to purchase them. The purchaser however, was intending to dismantle the doors, with a plan to sell the iron they are created from. 

The 85 year old man's Grandfather caught wind of this planned sale and was aghast that a key piece of Erzurum's evolution was about to be obliterated. 

Stepping in at the last minute, the Grandfather used all he could to purchase the doors, ultimately saving them from destruction. 

For all those years, the castle doors have instead stood in silence, protecting the old mans barn.

The creator, owner and Head designer of Just Living, Tekin Ada, originates from Eastern Turkey; being lucky enough to grow up amongst the staggering beauty of the area. 

Four years ago, along with other members of the Ada family, Tekin retuned to Erzurum, for the first time in 35 years. 

Whilst touring the shops in the Antique quarter, they were approached by an 85 year old man, who had heard of Tekin's presence and his love of beautiful old items. 

The man was insistent the Ada family come to his house, for he had something incredible he wanted to show them.

So they followed the man, travelling to the next village with him and finding themselves in a large barn.

What they found in the old barn, propped up against the back wall, was absolutely astounding.  


Tekin gladly purchased the doors from the old man, and transferred them to their current resting place, the Just Living shop floor. 

The precise age of the doors is not known. However, after studying the iron work and wood used, it is believed the doors are between 500 and 700 years old. 

Standing 4m high, 3.5m wide and weighing nearly 2 tonnes, they are a magnificent sight. 

We welcome everyone to come and see them, they are too beautiful to be kept out of sight! 

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