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The majority of our doors and shutters are very old and originally from Greek/Turkish villages

All can be made into amazing dinner/coffee tables on site 

White and Mustard Door

Was 2000TL, Now 1500TL

Measurements - W 79CM X H 190CM

Green and Mustard Door

Was 2000TL, Now 1500TL

Measurements- W 88CM X H 182CM 

Grey and Mustard Shutter

Was 1200TL, Now 1000TL 

Measurements - W 50CM X H 135CM 

Antalya Chestnut 

Set of two matching available. sourced in Antalya these doors are very old 

Was 4000tl each, Now 3000TL Each

Measurements - W 87CM X H 220CM

Barnyard Style

Was 2000TL, Now 1500TL 

Measurements - W 93CM X H 168CM 

Ornate Knocker

Was 3500TL, Now 3300TL 

Measurements - W 87CM X H 225CM 

Floral Colours

Was 3200TL, Now 2500TL 

Measurements - W 110CM X H 122CM 

Light Coffee Shutter

Was 1200TL, Now 1000TL 

Measurements - W 60CM X H 113CM 

Simple Shutter

Was 400TL, Now 250TL 

Measurements - W 54CM X H 77CM 

Green and Cream

Was 3500TL, Now 3000TL 

Measurements - W 80CM X H 205CM 

Very Old Stable

Was 2500TL, Now 2250TL 

Measurements - W 105CM X H 205CM 


Was 2000TL, Now 1750TL 

Measurements - W 93CM X H 190CM 

Mocha Shutters

Was 1750TL, Now 1500TL 

Measurements - W 100CM X H 130CM 

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