Mar 22, 2016

Expanding Material Options

As many of you furniture savvy know, decent hardwoods can be difficult to find in Turkey and when you do you often pay an awful lot more than you would back home for furniture made from them.


This winter we have spent many long weekends travelling around Turkey looking to expand the range of materials we work with.

We are very pleased to announce over the next few months we plan to start producing a lot more fuırniture made with teak, mahogany and ironwood.


We are still looking into oak as it is a great wood to work with and will update you all soon.


In the meantime if you have any ideas for furniture you would love to be made out of our new hardwoods don't hesitate to contact us. We should be launching a new range of teak sunloungers and tables and you will find mahogany and iron wood across our indoor range!


Have a great week,


Just Living Kalkan Team

Mar 10, 2016

Bütün Dekoratiflerimizde Büyük İndirim Var



Sezon başlangıcı için siz değerli müşterilerimize hemen hemen bütün ürünlerimizde indirim mevcut.


Resim çerçeveleri, aynalar, dekoratif renkli kuşlar, saatler, vazolar, mumlar, mumluklar, yapay çiçekler, heykeller, dekoratif atlar var.


Bizim web sitemizde bazı örnekler görebilirsiniz ama daha fazla görmek için lutfen mağazamızı gelin :)




Just Living Ekibi

Mar 08, 2016

Kicking off the Season Early

We have a special announcement for all of you currently in Kalkan and the surrounding areas!


To kick off this year we have made big reductions to a lot of our decorative stock. Come by the store for great discounts across the line but especially on vases and frames!


*UPDATE: New items coming to our gallery soon!!


All the best,


Just Living Team



Mar 06, 2016

Winter Update!

Hello Everyone!


Apologies for the winter silence we have been very very busy developing our beautiful new indoor range for you all.


Just Living is very excited to bring you our 2016 range. Have a browse of our new gallery to see some of the exciting things that have kept us working into the night over winter.


We are especially proud of our dining furniture.


Swing by and say hello when you're around we have so much to show you!


All the best,


Just Living Team



Sep 27, 2015


Bizim Web Sitesi Artık Açık!



Web sitemize hoşgeldiniz :)

Sayfamız şu an için bilgi ve tanıtım amaçlıdır.


Yakın tarihte sitemize ürün, resim ve tanıtım amaçlı bilgiler eklenecektir. Sitemiz yapım aşamasında olup daha sonra internet üzerinden alış veriş yapmanız sağlanacaktır.


Detaylı bilgi almak ve ürünlerimizi yakından görmek için mağazamızı ziyaret edebilir veya bizleri Facebook üzerinden takip edebilirsiniz!



Just Living Ekibi


Sep 27, 2015


Website Up and Running

Hello and welcome to our first website!


We are very excited to be launching our online presence and expanding our reach.

For now the webiste will just a base for information and a means of getting in touch with us but in the future we will have a comprehensive gallery and more to offer.


We are currently constructing the ecommerce section of our website which can be expected mid-November and will include our decorative items and very unique antique range!

Come back soon for more news and updates or contact us for more information!


We look forward to hearing from you,


All the best,


Just Living Team

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