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Our exclusive Partnership with Naar Halı Carpets

Naar Halı is an incredible carpet designer, manufacturer and distributers based in Bursa, Northwest Turkey. Specialising in only the highest quality carpets, they have endless expertise in Handmade, Afghan, Turkish, Modern, Silk carpets and many more.

We are extremely proud to announce our partnership with Naar Halı and to bring the highest graded carpets to Kalkan. 

Experts in Export also, Naar currently distribute their pieces to Macedonia, Russia and America. Keen on expanding to the British market, we can send your carpets to your English home; meaning you can take a handmade piece of Turkey back with you!

Please see below for just a tiny selection of their collections, much more of which can be found on their main website, here

bodrum kat-620.jpg

Naar offer only the highest in quality, thread and style. We are very excited to be able to offer their incredible pieces through Just Living. 

For any further information, please get in touch with us via our facebook page JUST LIVING KALKAN NEW  or via our instagram @justlivingnew or finally via our email

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